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Presentations and Keynotes

Whether you select an all-day workshop for 50 people or a one-hour luncheon address for 1,000, you’re assured of an energetic and dynamic presentation. We will work with you to custom design the program that best meets your organization's needs.

Here’s the scoop:

  1. Your audience can nap at home. I'm going to do everything I can to grab their attention, keep it, and give them real solutions to everyday problems that last beyond the parking lot.
  2. Good work speaks louder and longer than price. Your audience has no idea how much money or time it took to put together a conference, only whether it moved them or not.
  3. The best presentations are those that impact lives beyond lunch. We’ve all sat through enough boring Powerpoint slides to last till the end of our days, so your audience will leave motivated and enlightened, with practical, common sense ideas they can begin to implement immediately.
    I believe that every one of us has the resources to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives and my presentations are designed to help audiences, whether as a group or individually, access their power to change their lives and work in meaningful ways.

For General Audiences | Business/Professional Audiences | And For My Quilting Friends...

For General Audiences:

Knee Deep in Alligators: Surviving and Thriving in an Insane World

Most of us spend the majority of our days fending off the “alligators” in our lives, those pesky, vexing “To Do’s” that nip interminably at our feet and rarely, if ever, get to the larger issues in our lives. Who or what comes first? How do we manage the small in order to find substance, balance and meaning in our life? This invigorating, fun session will renew your control in life and share simple steps to:

  • Regain your physical and emotional energy
  • Improve your job satisfaction and productivity
  • Prioritize your time and your resources

Learn how to give and get the most out of life and your career!

Getting Outside the "Box": How Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Can Change Your Life

All humans have the ability to be creative, critical thinkers, but for many of us any chance of being creative was stuffed by the time we entered second grade. Once we learn to "color inside the lines," it becomes more difficult to see all the possibilities that lie outside the lines. Yet the world we live in today demands nothing but the most innovative, creative solutions. This fun and invigorating session helps you learn how to stretch your thinking and develop your own innovative solutions to vexing problems in both your work and personal life.

The Seven Habits of Highly Healthy Women

You know them well, in fact, you’re probably one of them, the woman who drops into bed at night exhausted, long after the rest of the house has fallen asleep, having completed “just one more load of laundry,” only to rise at the break of dawn for another round. Learn why putting you first is the most important thing you can do for your family, what steps to self care can make the biggest differences and how to sort the fact from fiction out there in the jungle of information on women’s health. This "short course" in healthy self-care will help you improve your health for both tomorrow and the long haul ahead!

Walking the Tightrope: Staying Sane as a Career Parent

One foot at work and one foot at home leaves us precariously balancing our lives on a thin tightrope. You'll leave this workshop with real-life techniques and skills to maximize your effectiveness as a parent, an employee, and even learn a few tricks to find time for yourself!

The Ten Immutable Laws of Waist Management

Lowfat? Low carb? High Carb? If you're finding it more than a bit confusing to sort through the "Diet of the Day" in America, you're not alone! Join us to learn the latest science on how to get it off and keep it off as well as fun, innovative tips to energizing your life and your health.

Life's Not Fair: A Survivor's Guide to Managing Adversity

When life deals you tough blows, do you crawl in a closet or champion the challenge? Survivors aren't born, but learn from life's experiences how to overcome adversity and discouragement. Learn how changing the way you think about adversity, both at home and at the workplace, can help you be happier, healthier and more in control of your life.

Talk to the Doc: Optimizing Life's Lessons 

Join us for this lively, interactive dialogue session that personalizes and expands upon the information from the Keynote session. We'll hone in on your specific questions and concerns and discuss more ideas for living your optimum life!

Business/Professional Audiences

The Ten Commandments of Building Healthy Communities from the Inside Out

Communities across the country are mobilizing local assets to build healthier communities for our citizens through policy and environmental changes. Join us to learn more on what's happening at the local, county and state levels to build healthier places to live and what steps you can take to develop or strengthen partnerships to improve the health of both your community and your programs.
Workshop: This six-hour workshop expands on this information and communities will leave with completed community mapping assessments and work plan outlines for next steps and future courses of action.

Communicating Change: Public, Politicians and Partners

Leaders in every field are finding themselves at the forefront of change and having to guide others successfully through the process by leadership and example. Through this skill-based workshop, participants will learn the importance and mechanics of developing a vision and communicating it effectively in a rapid-changing environment to build strong alliances within their disciplines.

Power Communication Skills for Professionals

Did you actually say what you thought you said or are you speaking in "fill-in-the-blank"—-ese? This hands-on, practical, get-to-the-meat-of-it six-hour workshop will help sharpen professional's listening, counseling, presentation and writing skills. Practice old skills and learn new ones to keep your audiences awake, engaged and motivated. (Workshop only)

Beyond Hunger: What's Eating America?

Obesity has risen to epidemic levels while Americans spend billions each year on the latest diet crazes. If it's simply a matter of eating healthier choices and moving more, than what are the forces at work that are hindering 2/3 of our population from doing it? We will examine the larger sociocultural influences at work and how to effectively position health messages to motivate our population toward making healthier decisions.

And For My Quilting Friends...

In Search of Our Elusive Muse

Wouldn't it be wonderful to just dream up fabulous quilt designs and wake up the next morning ready to sew? Although that does occasionally happen, more often than not we have to work a bit harder than that. Our muse, or creative inspiration, doesn't just show up at breakfast every morning ready and raring to go. It needs to be fed, nurtured and challenged if you want to move to the next level in your quilting and your life. We'll discuss the ten essential ingredients for "Creativity Stew" and do some exercises to help hone our skills.

Full Day Workshop: This six hour experiential workshop is a hands-on process of opening creative blocks and discovering new ways of conveying our unique personalities and life experiences through our fabric and thread.


The following are just a few of the many comments Dr. Dixon has received following workshops, keynote addresses, and seminars around the country. Enjoy!

"Monica was a very energetic and interesting speaker and a pleasure to listen to. She inspired me to make changes NOW!"

- Association of Washington Cities

"Great speaker! I think everyone in the room was totally focused on all of her talking points. A very down-to-earth approach that could easily be shared by all of our staff!"

- University of Minnesota

"From beginning to end, your energy and passion is impressive. One member said your presentation was the best she's ever attended! Many left the workshop saying they were more motivated and excited about their profession!"

- Illinois Dietetic Association

"As coordinator of this seminar, I started working with Monica about six months in advance. She was excited and motivated from our fist conversation. Monica offered valuable suggestions from her experience to help me organize this workshop. Our registration filled the 150 seats in just two days, and had a waiting list of another 150! Some of the words used to describe Monica's presentation were 'powerful,' 'dynamic,' 'inspirational,' and 'outstanding.' Monica was organized and made everyone feel welcome and at home. She has a genuine sense of warmth that demonstrates how her presentations were from the heart and not by heart."

- Iowa Methodist Medical Center

"I thank you for the great sessions you provided us last week. Evaluations ranked you in #1 and #2 for the entire workshop! My athletes raved about you too!"

- University of Wisconsin Athletic Teams

"I couldn't get in because the room was packed. Monica should always be scheduled for the largest room – everyone wanted to go!"

- Colorado Nursing Association

"The students were all invigorated by your ideas. So many today are just worried about getting any job that it is hard for them to see past that to the real contributions they can make. You helped them begin to do that! I also wanted to let you know how much the faculty enjoyed your commencement address. It even inspired many of us!"

- Viterbo College, La Crosse, WI

"Your book is an answer to prayer for all of the women in my family. Fantastic insight! Thank you for helping women find freedom!"

- Solutions Women's Conference, Olympia, WA

"Thank you for the very excellent presentation. The Student Affairs staff was really charged up after you were finished. I guess you could say they were "Dixonized!"

- University of Minnesota

"Your presentation was motivating and fun! Our group really enjoyed your high enthusiasm and wanted to hear you speak much longer."

- Washington State Health Care Association

"Your presentation was the talk of the afternoon amongst the teachers! I heard many comments about how uplifting and fun your talk was, considering the seriousness of the subject – teenagers! We would live to have you back!"

- Georgia Department of Education

"Dr. Dixon is extremely knowledgeable, entertaining and full of great quotes... up to date on recent studies that were very informative and interesting."

- Washington Professional Credit Union League